Find out the best ways to resolve issues here  

  • You can verify steps
  • Also, check if your HP printer driver is up to date. If not go to the software download portal to find and update the matching Printer driver  
  • Scan your Printer using the tools such as HP print and Scan doctor  
  • Make certain that the cable connection between your Printer, Computer, and Router is secure. If not disconnect the cables connected and connect back again
  • Ensure to use high-quality cables to connect your Printer to Computer and Router
  • Never connect your Printer, Computer to slow speed and inactive network connection
  • Do not proceed with the setup if the setup guidelines are not clear
  • You can also try resetting your device once using the appropriate reset settings  

If your HP printer is offline, select the settings to disable or uncheck the Printer offline status 

Please dial the toll-free number @ +1-888-214-1820  provided for and troubleshooting assistance. You are requested to wait for a while until our agents respond back.