Cash App personal and business are two types of account. The users can opt for any one of the accounts as per the need. Users can link their debit card or credit with a Cash App account to make effortless transactions. One can send money to the other Cash App account holder using a debit card. Similarly, users can receive money directly in a bank account. Here is the difference in both the accounts:



  • On the other hand, a business account comes with an increased Cash App limit. Cash App business accounts enable merchants to receive unlimited payments. However, the merchant has to pay the charge for the same. takes a 2.7% charge per transaction.


  • A personal account can be operated without verifying the identity. However, there will be limitations. 


  • But, in the case of a business account, one must provide information such as full name, DOB and SSN to verify the identity. The Cash App may ask for some other information to grant permission to open a business account.


  • If we conclude the difference between both the accounts, we can say a business account is meant for merchants and a personal account for regular use of an individual. 



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