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Asked a question last year

Any tips for keeping back straight throughout heavier deadlifts?

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Start with your hips higher, bar over mid foot. Bar shouldn’t graze shins it might tickle your leg hair but that’s it. Work on breathing and bracing. Protect your armpits (to cue lats)

I had the exact same problem mate, a tip that really helped me was to get into my deadlift position and just pull the slack out the bar, the position you're in when you pull the slack is the one which you should deadlifting out of.

Lean back when you loft, think of yourself as a pully. Rip the bar up your shins and thighs, use your own weight to pull the bar towards you then when it hits your legs push throigh the ground and once it's past your knees squeeze your arse together.

Your probably setting up with your butt too low/knees too forward/barbell too far away. The solution to all three is bringing the barbell closer and starting with a higher butt.

keep your feet planted, don't raise your toes up