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Chronic IT Band Pain- Anyone Else?

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The root cause of most IT issues are weak glutes and weak hips; How much time do you spend on those 2 things?

Have you gone to a physical therapists and received an evaluation? I would try and get a recommendation from another runner for a good running friendly PT and give that a shot.

The Mindbody Prescription by John Sarno. (serious) Saved my life. Change your relationship to the pain and you'll be running pain free in no time.

I've recently had ITBS for a few months and have just started running again after doing 3 to 5 day a week strength training on my glutes and hips. I hate it, but its allowed me to run again. So I keep doing the strength training for fear of not being able to run

Have had IT band pain off and on for the last 4 years. I wanted to eliminate the issue once and for all this year, so I ended up seeing a PT and was assigned glute and hip strengthening exercises to focus on (clamshells, glute bridges, etc). I do them twice a day, hard to stick to the habit but I want to get back to running badly. Have stuck with them for 2 weeks and I'm getting stronger bit by bit. It does get better!

Roll out. Every day. Don't skip!

Glute strengthening is really what made the difference for me. I used Jeff Cavaliere’s YouTube videos on the exercises to do.

I've had great success with the exercise routine from strength running ( ).

This page listed 9 exercises but I really only focus on 5 of them:

Lateral leg raises

Clam shells

Hip thrusts


Pistol squats