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Good/non-painful exercises?

Where am I?

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I do a combination of water physical therapy, barre, and walking.

My doctor's recommendation was to exercise in a warm pool. I haven't managed to actually get the logistics of this handled, but I hope to.

I strongly recommend you find a physical therapist with experience with EDS.
Only a trained professional can really help which joints and body parts are most affected and prescribe exercises that specifically protect and strengthen those areas.

PT is a great place to start, if possible. I benefited from cautious strength training with an emphasis on corrective exercises, especially early on. I did a lot of bodyweight exercises (no external weight) and isometrics. Since I couldn’t safely bring a lot of intensity, I focused on consistently showing up and keeping the workouts manageable. I got some basic equipment and have done all my workouts at home, which I find more accessible than the gym. The first 3-6 months were especially difficult, but it’s 100% worthwhile. I’m much less prone to injury now, have more energy, better sleep, improved mental health, and the extra muscle and strength has stabilized my joints significantly. My proprioception and general body control has also improved.

I cycle in numerous shorter bursts (10 minutes 3 times a day or a longer session at the gym on good days, taking care to position my seat in a way that eliminates knee hyperextension), did hydrotherapy for a while and a few weight machines, mostly for my ridiculous hips, though my boyfriend, who’s decoded a few EDS and exercise articles for me, often hovers immediately next to or behind me as a physical barrier against hyperextending particular joints.