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Asked a question 2 years ago

I often feel hypersensitive about the inner workings of my body. I feel any minor ache or pain, and it's constant. How can I alleviate this?

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The sentence you feel “hypersensitive to the inner workings of your body” says to me that you are overly concerned about minor aches and pains. I can’t give you an answer other then maybe it’s in your mind more then you body.  Do not dwell on it . I have MS. Denial is my best friend and it has served me well along with medicine . Go see a doctor if you really believe it is physical…If he finds nothing go get a second opinion. Then if thats not working for you see somebody to help you with the issues may have in your head.  Your questions sounds hypochondriacal and I am guessing you go to the doctors a lot now. So I wish you luck. I think if your medical health is clear you need to go a mental health professional and discuss this.

See a psychologist , who is a doctor, a PhD , who specialises in anxiety disorders.


If you are hypersensitive to physical complaints , you might just be depressed , or suffering from an anxiety disorder. The body and mind are intimately connected , and only a doctor can figure this out for you…..


Most people have minor aches and pains , but it doesn’t start to rule their lives so much that they have to ask about it on Quora.


Good luck! I’m sure you will be fine if you get the proper treatment.

By becoming stronger, less selfish/ self centered and by developing ‘ let-go' attitude.

The technical term for this is “somatic hypervigilance”. It would be helpful to do a search on this. It’s usually treated with psychological therapies (generally not involving medication) that teach you how to “tune out” sensations resulting from the normal operation of your body. The treatment usually works well enough to keep it from being disabling.

 Your condition is ripest to be converted or “TRANSMUTATED” (Google it) into something VERY POWERFUL, BLISSFUL, MIND BLOWING, ENLIGHTENING & OUT OF THIS WORLD! The more severe it is, the exact opposite it becomes after “TRANSMUTATION”. What you think about yourself is not a liability, but an ASSET! You actually have a gift. All you need to know is how to encash it!

Nick got rid of some minor aches. See how.  Please see my answer to a similar question. Videos provided there will surely motivate you to think positively.