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What are the best exercises for joint and muscle pains/aches?

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It would depend what the muscle pain/ache is from. If it’s injury, rest and ice. If it’s from working out, fluids and vitamin E. I always take vitamin E before intense workouts. You need to watch your sugar intake before workouts also, because they build lactic acid and that makes muscle ache.


If you have muscle pain/aches from other issues, such as sitting at a desk, doing nothing, doing repetition, having a wallet in your back pocket while driving a distance everyday or sitting at a desk, you need to look for what are called Trigger points. These are usually the culprits in many issues that don’t deal with injury to a muscle.


for instance, pain in your arm which may feel like a carpal tunnel, may be a trigger point in your subclavius or pain in your palm could be your palmaris longus muscle which is upper forearm by elbow, nowhere near your palm. shoulder pain (deltoid) could be from pain/ache in a small muscle by your shoulder blade called supraspinatus.


I would find out what might be the issue by drinking water and taking the Vitamin E. Of course loading up on nutrients before whatever workout you do helps to feed the muscle, not eating before hand will deplete the muscle. Sometimes when you have no body fat, the body take energy from your muscles since they are protein are made from Amino acids. This only happens in extreme conditions, but I don’t know, you might be doing something extreme like demolition which can be repetitive and need massive calories.

Yoga can be very widely used, for both preventing and treatment of degenerative and ageing arthritis. Yogasanas, when practised on a daily basis from a young age, offer smooth, healthy movement of the joints, not allowing their wear and tear process at beginning age. It also allows maintaining hormonal balance and perfect body weight. The various non-weight bearing exercises strengthen the joints, increase the mobility of stiff joints, increase the blood supply, and does not allow the further ageing process. The conscious breathing during asana and pranayama increase the oxygen flow and decrease the damage by free radicals  Sometimes, joint pain causes many serious problems. Cygnus Orthocare Hospital is one of the Best Hospital for Treatment of Joint pains across India!

For joint aches I would recommend mobility exercises. If it is knee joint issues, knee circles are very helpful. If it is shoulder joints, shoulder rolls and other shoulder mobility exercises will be quite helpful.  For muscle pain or aches I would recommend foam rolling and yoga stretches. For lower body you can try pigeon poses, hamstring stretches, glute bridges, king pigeon, etc. For upper body you can try cobra, puppy dog, eagle arms, cow face, etc.  For some free body part specific or full body mobility and yoga stretches for both joint and muscle pain relieves below:

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If you have sore muscles or joints through injury then maybe rest is best, otherwise swimming would be the pick of exercises to help.  Swimming is non weight bearing and takes the body through a range of motion. The water is also therapeutic in many regards,  especially in a hydro pool as an example.  Again another non weight bearing exercise that may help depending on the muscle or joint in pain is cycling.  Either way, take it easy, and gently move your body through  range of motion to encourage blood flow.

There are many exercises which can benefit you in muscle and joints pain. Consider the following given exercises which are attributed to be useful in such cases-  Walking  It is recommended to people with muscle and joints pain to walk 15–20 mins daily. It helps relief from muscle stiffness, healthy heart & mood.  Stretching  You should stretch daily, as stretching helps improve flexibility, reduce stiffness, and increase range of motion.  Cycling  Daily Cycling helps reduce stiffness, increase range of motion, strength of legs, and build endurance.  Hand exercise  Hand exercise include bending the wrists up and down, slowly curling the fingers, spreading the fingers wide on a table, and squeezing a stress ball can help increase strength and flexibility in the hands.  Apart from aforementioned exercises, hot and cold massage can also be a good option for people with muscle and joints pain.  Butterfly Ayurveda provides Ortho-Heal, which is an ayurvedic formulation for muscular and joints pain, it comes in two variants Ortho-Heal oil (for skin application only) and Ortho-Heal capsules (for oral use only) help get relief from muscular and joints pain.