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What do you suggest diet & exercise wise for fibromyalgia patients?

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Avoid eating sweet foods that can only give you a boost of energy for a short-period of time. Eat foods that contain protein with carbohydrates which will give you more energy that can be used for a longer time. Lastly, choose foods that are also fresh, high in fiber, and have low added sugar.

These are some suggested food from :

1.     Almonds (nuts and seeds)

2.     Broccoli

3.     Beans

4.     Tofu

5.     Oatmeal

6.     Dark Leafy greens

7.     Avocado

In addition, doing some exercise can ease your pain. Here are some exercises that are easy but can help your condition:

Always start with a warm-up and stretches to help your joints move smoothly. Remember to focus on big muscles but stop when you feel the pain.

1.      Calf Stretches

2.      Aerobic Exercise (walking, swimming, and biking are good options). Do it 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

3.      Isometric Chest Press

4.      Isometric Shoulder Extension

5.      Daily activities like household chores

6.      Yoga/ Meditation

If you overdo your workout, you can apply a cold compress to help you ease the pain and swelling.