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Why are my shoulder blades and lower back sacrum cracking and are painful? My back gets worse with exercise too. The other day my back cracked when lifting leg up and now it's more painful. My shoulders and back crack every time I move and it aches.

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Did somebody sweep you off your feet recently? I don’t mean romantically. What you describe sound like what happened to me when I was sparring in karate and my opponent, who was good at judo, swept me. Trouble was, there were no mats, just a hardwood floor. My solar plexus want all the way to my backbone, or so it seemed. Anyway, I couldn’t breathe for about half a minute.


Afterwards I had all sorts of adhesions and misalignments. I was foolish and/or ignorant not to have gone to a specialist at the time to see to the things that needed to get realigned.


One important symptom was that the next day I awoke lying on my back and the only way I could get out of bed was to grab my hair and pull my head off the pillow as I struggled to get my torso moving forward and up.

If you're suffering back pain and you have tried plenty of methods but can not cure it

Chances are, you have a vitamin deficiency. Cracking bones are normally attributed to the lack of Vitamins D and Calcium. Before thinking of exercises, try to shift your diet first by eating foods rich in Vitamins D and Calcium such as fatty fish, beef liver, eggs, and dairy products.



Our lower body supports the weight of our upper core. Hence, it is necessary to keep our weight within a healthy range for our height because going beyond our ideal weight may add in more stress for our lower spine and back muscles. Additionally, the excess weight may cause an arch in our spine, leading to the compression of our discs and nerves.


Our daily activities such as lifting or bending can put a strain on our lower back. Being mindful of our posture as we execute these movements will greatly decrease the chance that we experience lower back pain. In addition to this, we also need to avoid slumping or slouching when seated to keep our spine in perfect form. Think ergonomically and choose seats with proper lumbar supports. For women, wearing low heels aid in decreasing the pressure on the lower spine, as well as in creating a more stable posture.



Taking a warm bath is one way to soothe lower back pain. The heat stimulates blood flow, which brings healing nutrients to the part of the body in pain. Directly applying a cold compress can also help relieve lower back pains. The cold reduces inflammation, which is another common cause of lower back pain. Either way, a hot or cold therapy should not be done simultaneously. It is best to try each method independently to assess which works best for you.


Having a good night’s rest is one key reason that can ultimately relieve a lower back pain because an inadequate amount of sleep can definitely worsen the condition. Two key factors that are part of our sleeping habit having a direct impact in our lower back can be attributed to our sleeping position, as well as the bed or mattress we lie on. Consider adding a pillow between or under your knees to reduce the tension on your knees and back.



While it is true that exercise is needed to strengthen our core, there is no sense if we push ourselves to do so even if the results are giving us more pain, rather than relieving us from it. Try to maintain a healthy weight first, keep a proper posture at all times, soothe the pain, and rest well. If you feel better, then start with light exercises. You can try to use a back support such as a back belt too!!

With people suffer back pain, be carefult with unfamiliar pills, cream,. . .it can impacts your health seriously or make situation get worse. And the fact is pills, cream only heal the symptoms, not permanently. For those that wish to fix back pain or disc herniation permanently with no pills, lotion, you need to try Imodstyle Cure Back Pain (please research on google, I do not remember the link). I have got good results with it. There were days I could not move. The pain in my right leg and lower back was the WORST pain I had ever felt! I went to a chiropractor and it was decent at best, but it did not have any long-term relief. I tried that method, and after only one week I felt drastic improvements!