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There's good evidence that many vertebral disk disorders are due to atherosclerosis blocking arteries and nutrient circulation.

Kauppila, 2009. Atherosclerosis and disc degeneration/low-back pain–a systematic review. European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, 37(6), pp.661-670.

Penttinen, 1994. Back pain... (More)

I had exactly this. Exactly. It was a labrum tear. Get an X-ray and mri asap because if you ignore it and it tears more you’ll hurt your rotator cuff and be out 12 months instead of 12 weeks

Go see a physiotherapist. People on the internet cant really tell where your muscle imbalances lie lol

Posture and core excercise so your muscle support and the weight and strain is less on the spine itself, gentle yoga, turmeric, omega 3s, other natural inflammatory could all be good.

I get hideous shoulder pain when I eat grains... (More)